Since June 2013 I have been a committed volunteer of Project Management Institute.

Who is PMI

PMI® Is the worlds largest project management organization and represents more than 700.000 project managers in over 200 countries. As global opinion leader and source of knowledge PMI extends the profession of project management by developing global standards and qualifications, fostering collaboration between subject matter experts and research and by publications. PMI is a member-based organization financed also by the yearly membership fees. Currently (as of July 2015) yearly membership fee is US$129. Members receive several benefits: discounts at certification, free access to premium content on, free access to the online library with Projektmanagement publication and discounts at events organized by PMI and its affiliates, and many more. A comprehensive listing of benefits is shown on the website of PMI.

Locally PMI is represented by so-called chapters. They act as local representatives of PMI, and are usually registered associations with the team consisting of volunteers. At chapter is a local hop to network, exchange information and ideas and offers events at which members and other people interested in project management come together. Chapters also offer several member benefits, differing between the chapters. A prerequisite to be member in a chapter is an active membership at PMI.

My memberships

Membership at since
Project Management Institute December 2011
PMI Austria Chapter December2011
PMI Munich Chapter June 2015

Volunteering in chapters

Chapters of PMI depend on volunteering. Some of the actively volunteering members cover operational tasks like answering questions, bookkeeping or technical operations of the website. Other volunteers take over one time tasks or support the chapter by doing project work. The VRMS acts as platform between chapters and active members. Chapters publish offers for volunteering opportunities and chapter members can actively apply for the volunteering opportunities through the system. Alternatively there are volunteering offers on the chapter websites and of course it is always possible to simply contact other volunteers in the chapters about starting to volunteer.

PMI Austria Chapter

Since June 2013 I have actively participated in PMI Austria chapter is volunteer. Since then I have covered the role of Officer Markeing, Online Media. Assigned to the board area marketing I am responsible for technical operations of the websites and for the pre-existing social media representations on XING und LinkedIn. As the volunteering team in marketing has grown and other volunteers also provide support for social media, I can now focus more on the technical development of the website.

PMI Munich Chapter

Since December 2014 I also support PMI Munich chapter with their website. I provided the technical basis for the website relaunch, provide support for the required adaptions and keep the used technology up to date. 

Additional Chapters

As I got in touch with other chapter representatives at events, I also support additional chapters with their websites. Currently I cooperate with PMI Berlin/Brandenburg Chapter, PMI Frankfurt Chapter and PMI Czech Republic Chapter on online media related topics.

Project participation


 Project Chapter  Status Role Description
Extended Event Management

PMI Austria Chapter
PMI Munich Chapter

active Independent planning and implementation

Extending the pre-existing physical functionalities for event management: uses will be able to check and manage their event registrations, ticketing will be included as well as payment solutions for ticketing.

Documentation of Framework for Chapter Websites

PMI Austria Chapter
PMI Munich Chapter
PMI Berlin-Brandenburg Chapter
PMI Frankfurt Chapter

 active Independent planning and implementation

The established technical framework will be documented to such an extent that creating and editing content can be done according to documentation as well as technical maintenance. Experience and knowledge I gained by implementing the framework shall be documented sustainably.

Relaunch Chapter Website PMI Frankfurt Chapter active Technical support and providing of know-how

PMI Frankfurt Chapter as well as Berlin-Brandenburg chapter currently use Joomla 2.5. For both chapters I provide support for upgrading to the current version 3.

Trainings Calendar for Chapter Partners PMI Austria Chapter active Independent planning and implementation Allow sponsoring chapter partners which are also registered education providers to advertise their trainings in one common calendar on the chapter website. Training data is directly maintained by the chapter partners through either a technical interface or by using an Excel sheet to prepare and upload data.

Finished projects

 Project Chapter  Status Role Description

Relaunch Chapter Website

PMI Berlin/Brandenburg Chapter done Technical implementation and providing of know-how Mid 2015 I also established contact with PMI Berlin/Brandenburg Chapter. Based on the same original needs that PMI Austria Chapter had wen starting the technical update of the website, I supported the relaunch based on a technical green field approach including transfer of parts of the content.
Technical Update Website PMI Austria Chapter
PMI Austria Chapter done Independent planning and implementation

Based on the inherited, for several months technically unmaintained website basis I implemented technical improvements and upgraded the website components to the current versions of the content management system.

"Common Online Media Package" Framework for Chapter Websites PMI Austria Chapter done Independent planning and implementation

Building on the knowledge gain from the technical update I derived a generic framework for chapter website according to the PMI Web style guide. Based on this it is quickly possible to implement a basic chapter website.

Relaunch Chapter Website
PMI Munich Chapter done Technical implementaton and providing of know-how

In fourth quarter of 2014 PMI Munich chapter decided to do a website relaunch. I support this project by providing technical components and by providing introduction sessions for the future content editors on how to use the system to create and maintain the content.

German Landing Page
All PMI Chapters in Germany done Technical support and providing of know-how

To support increasing collaboration of the four German PMI chapters a landing page is created. It contains information about the individual chapters and provides links to the regionally responsible chapters.

Further activities

In addition to contributing to the projects I take care of technical maintenance of the supported websites by doing quarterly technical updates. After visiting project management events I also provide webinars presenting a summary for chapter members.