1 Jul
multimedia control software for “Siemens Forum Wien” - software development in C, Visual Basic
1 Jan

network administration for shared office space

multimedia control software for „Stoani Haus der Musik“

control software for TV studio „ACTMedia“ Rosenhügel studios Vienna.

6 Sep
Implementing electronic data exchange and point-of-sale applicatoin for a new core banking system for building savings (C++, Informix)
1 Jun

from until job description 06/2001 01/2002 Software Developer – Archive Systems COM+ development of archive system components

Time and resource planning for software implementation

1 Feb
Implementation and improvement of software for building savings premium and contract simulation for the core banking system for building savings (C++, SQLWindows, Java, Informix).
1 Jul
Provided development and testing tools, technical test coordination, performance and load testing for the core banking system.
1 Jul

Project static code analysis for C++ and Java, including publishing of a reference article together with co-implementers. Performance analysis and improvements for the core banking system.

Providing data for IT controlling. Support of sofware implementation projects, resolving software bugs in critical or especially difficult cases.

15 Oct
I did project based implementation of small and medium sized requirements in the capital markets area. Main focus was the topic of order routing.
1 Mar
Implementing mid-size projects in the "Capital Markets" area was my area of responsibility.Together with the project teams I implemented order routing solutions, regulatory requirements and established new market connections.
1 Oct

As a project manager I implement requirements in the governance area. I successfully implemented the project "Outsourcing Management and Governance".

1 Sep

As a project manager I implement requirements in the large corporates area. My current project is the test of a leasing IT system.

1 Jul
Erste Group: Group PMO
01.07.2016 - 31.12.2017

As part of the Group Project Management Office I am shaping the group wide project management governance. This includes advancing Erste Group's standard and policy on project management, contributing to project management education and providing consulting and support on projects.