Andreas Madjari

Passionate project management: more than 15 years of project experience in different roles!

Since 1996 I actively work in project environments. After military service in Austria I startet my project related career in the IT environment of financial services companies. Eight years of "Raiffeisen Bausparkasse" (building savings) and by now more than six years in Erste Group allowed me to gain insights and experience in different aspects of project work in the building savings and banking environment. Especially since 2008 my focus is on the project management side and since 2012 I have a focus on topics of the compliance and governance field of work.

CV and project experience provide detailed insights to the stations of my professional career and development. Professional development reflects my emphasis on continuous development and life-long learning. My PMP certification at the Project Management Institute (PMI) in 2012 is another proof of my commitment to high quality project management. Additionally since 2013 I volunteer at PMI Austria Chapter as Officer Online Media. I also support additional german speaking chapters by providing voluntary services. 

Photos and videos of my pivate life

Since 2001 I enjoy digital photography. Purely as a hobby I take photos in my spare time and collect impressions of my environment. Some of the pictures I decided to present here in the gallery on my website.

With the modern cameras it also became possible to record video. This is even more demanding and especially in post-recording significantly more time-consuming than photography. I was able to create a few first results and they will be presented bit by bit in the dedicated area of this website.